Here’s how it all got started:

Established in 1965, Community Action of Laramie County (CALC) is dedicated to reducing poverty in Laramie County. Under the CALC umbrella are four programs: Head Start, Self-Sufficiency, Crossroads Health Care Clinic, and Kinship Support Services. 

…and here’s what we did:

In 2017, CALC’s Executive Director realized that not only was the community struggling to understand who and what CALC was… their internal staff was, too! Though the individual programs were somewhat known within the community, none had a clear tie back to CALC—including their annual fundraiser, the Cheyenne Farmer’s Market. 

Working in tandem with CALC’s team of program directors, WEC created a brand architecture to support the unique focus of each of the four programs and the farmer’s market, while also helping program staff and the local community better understand each program’s relationship to both each other and to CALC. 

In addition to creating unique branding and messaging for each program, we also created a brand-new website, program banners, an array of digital/social assets, a branded motion-graphic video, branded window vinyl for the CALC headquarters, a wrap for the Crossroads Mobile Clinic, and more. At launch, we created a communications plan for “reintroducing” CALC and its programs to the world.

Feeling like it's time for a good ol' fashioned rebrand?