Cheyenne Wheels for Charity

Here’s how it all got started:

Every year, Nick Dodgson (owner of Midas Cheyenne) partners with a team of equally charitable local businesses to customize and restore a vintage car.

And we’re not just talking, “Wow, that’s shiny new paint!” or “Hey, sweet rims!” — Nick’s talented crew completely transforms the vehicle into a one-of-a-kind dream ride.

Once the build is complete, the vehicle is raffled off, and all proceeds from the raffle tickets are donated to a local non-profit organization.

West Edge Collective was called in to promote the 2016 Cheyenne Wheels for Charity build, thanks to our uncanny ability to communicate a message to a large amount of people in a short span of time.

Some people say this is because we are “loud” and “boisterous.”

We prefer the term “professionally exciting.”

… and here’s what we did:

Join us, if you will, as we travel back in time to fall 2016.

(Time travel is yet another really great feature we offer. Also, envelopes with our logo on them.)

Planning was underway for a video shoot to showcase the 2016 Wheels for Charity build — a stunningly restored 1967 Kaiser M715 Jeep, fully loaded with a V-10 engine and nicknamed “Frankenten.”

Knowing the build was of a particularly beefy variety — “It’s a monster, ‘innit?” is a direct quote from Nick himself — the goal of our video was to get Frankenten into an environment where we could really show it off.

Joined by our trusty drone, we spent a day on the trails in Vedauwoo with Nick, our new pal ‘Ten (yeah, we have nicknames now; that’s how close we are), and a backdrop of all the gorgeous scenery we Wyomingites like to brag about.

Our team went in with a script; a storyboard; some snacks; and a plan for camera angles and creative shots that would accurately show off all ‘Ten was capable of.


Apparently, we weren’t the only ones impressed by the end result.

Within a week of its posting on Facebook, the video we created reached 195,000 people; was viewed 85 thousand times; received 920 reactions/likes; and was shared 733 times.

And that was just the first week.


The video’s now reached more than 300,000 people; been viewed more than 128,000 times; received more than 2500 likes/reactions; and been shared 1100 times.





As the video continued making its digital rounds, the Cheyenne Wheels for Charity page enjoyed a 60% uptick in “likes.”

Oh, and as for the raffle ticket sales?

Thoroughly exceeded expectations.

  • Increase in Page Likes 60% 60%

This video is breaking the internet! West Edge Collective does amazing work!

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