Here’s how it all got started:

If you’ve ever visited Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (Cheyenne Regional), chances are you’ve:

  • Had to ask for directions to navigate around, because there are approx. 700 thousand opportunities to get lost
  • Been wildly impressed by the lobby
  • Found yourself in an elevator that somehow abandons you in a weird section of the Labor and Delivery floor where there’s no one to come find you

Not that that last option has ever happened to one of us.

Ever… probably.


Anyway, Cheyenne Regional is huge — the region’s largest hospital, in fact — and it just so happens to have an equally expansive website to match.


When it came time to refresh, revitalize and rebuild the Cheyenne Regional website, we were thrilled that the hospital’s marketing department reached out to us.

We were tasked with modernizing the existing site design; upgrading its SEO; improving accessibility and efficiency to create a better user experience; making the design mobile-first responsive; and creating numerous “behind the scenes” templates to help streamline future website upgrades and additions.

Some people would look at the scope of a project like this and panic. Maybe scream. Perhaps curse. But we, dear Internets, are not those people. We had big plans, a talented crew, and also snacks.

We were ready.

…and here’s what we did:

Having already established a trusted partnership with Cheyenne Regional’s marketing team (see previous work we’ve done for them HERE),  we had a feeling they’d be quick to jump on board with our idea for doing things just a little bit differently with this project.

And we were right.


Rather than follow the “usual” rules of a website build – what’s that quote again? “learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist?” – our team collaborated with the Cheyenne Regional marketing crew to sort through and spruce up every single piece of content within the existing site.

Where the Cheyenne Regional team had gaps, WEC filled in; where certain tasks called for more hands (or eyes) on deck, the teams at WEC and Cheyenne Regional combined and conquered.


Working collaboratively, we were able to complete the site’s build on a much slimmer, more efficient timeline than if one entity had taken on the whole shebang themselves.

The brand-sparkling-new Cheyenne Regional site — complete with a mobile-first responsive design, improved accessibility and cleaner navigation — launched in December 2016, just in time for Cheyenne Regional’s celebration of 150 years of service to the community!

I truly appreciate working with West Edge Collective. When work needs done that my team can’t accomplish in-house, we utilize WEC. They treat my design team as an extension of their own. Our relationship with WEC is truly a collaboration. We come to them with our ideas, and they make them even better than imagined. They have the technology and the skill set to make any company stand out. WEC listens, they care about quality and they are competent.

Hillary Hardy

Marketing and Communications Manager / Webmaster, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

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