Here’s how it all got started:

Since our creation in 2015, West Edge Collective has worked in partnership with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC), primarily as project support for website and video development. However, in 2019, WEC created its first strategic campaign with CRMC to  help unite and drive the organization in its goal to “Inspire Great Health.”

…and here’s what we did:

Working closely with CRMC leaders and their internal marketing experts, WEC developed a campaign around the idea of “Sharing a Spark.”  The idea that, by sharing “sparks” of compassion and kindness with patients, CRMC and its employees create a ripple effect—inspiring patients to share the same with others in the community.

Launched in late 2019, the internal version of the campaign—focused on inspiring CRMC employees to “share the spark” with each other, as well as patients—was met with great success. They’ve even integrated the campaign’s music into internal events and celebrations. The external version of the campaign, launched to the public at the start of 2020, has created a sense of community pride while driving people to tell their own story on

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