Here’s how it all got started:

One of the largest National Guard and military recruiting forces in the nation, the California Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Battalion is responsible for a three tenant strength maintenance mission of recruiting, accession management, and retention. 

After recognizing the value of being able to attract people to engage with a printed item by providing a cool, interactive experience, the California Army National Guard reached out to West Edge Collective: Could we create a recruiting-focused Augmented Reality project to achieve their assigned annual end strength? 

…. and here’s what we did:

To accomplish the end goal, we created five Augmented Reality posters—each with its own unique experience and message—to be placed in 42 static ad locations across 13 malls in Southern California. 

(Fun fact: These posters are the largest print-size AR project WEC has produced thus far, measuring in at 69” tall and 47” wide!)

We created the posters right here in our Cheyenne video studio, capturing five separate photo and video series focused on specific messaging around the education, benefits, career, future, and lifestyle opportunities of enlisting in the California Army National Guard. 

Next, we turned those photos and videos into an Augmented Reality experience users can enjoy through the camera app on their smartphone. Not only does this technology allow people to interact with a printed item in an engaging way, it also gives the California Army National Guard valuable insights and data to analyze beyond just guessing impressions from average mall numbers. Along with these added insights, we have the ability to add in UTMs that track leads directly from a specific poster or campaign.  

Feeling inspired to work AR into your next project?