Here’s how it all got started:

In 1950, former WWII pilot Owen Ayres worked at a one-room engineering firm in Wisconsin. A few years later, he bought the company and named it Ayres Associates. Decades later, with 11 locations throughout the US, this multi-disciplined firm delivers an impressive range of Engineering, Mapping, Environmental, Architecture, Transportation and Survey services. 

…and here’s what we did:

In 2018, Ayres Associates began working with WEC on a brand evolution. Though they had an existing internal marketing team of more than a dozen, the company couldn’t find the bandwidth to be able to step back and take on the project themselves. Enter WEC!

Over the years, Ayres Associates had grown significantly. With this growth came a massive influx of information about the array of services they offered as a firm, as well as multiple versions of messaging about who Ayres Associates was. Not only was it confusing for clients and prospective clients to navigate, it also made it challenging for Ayres Associates employees to find a consistent way to tell their firm’s story. 

First things first: We updated the brand to “Ayres.” Given the equity in the firm’s existing name, and considering most people just dropped the “Associates” in conversation, it made sense to do that for real.

Next, we went into design. The existing look and feel also had value, but needed to be built out into a real “brand.” By building out a full palette of brand colors, textures, photo treatments and fonts, we empowered the firm’s internal marketing team to bring more continuity and life to the hundreds of proposals they design each year. Additionally, we created a “tool kit” within InDesign to support the creation of core templates and improve efficiency in the firm’s internal processes.

One of the biggest challenges with this project was the creation of a brand architecture that would support the overarching Ayres brand, while defining and providing complementary identities for its 10 key service divisions. The architecture we came up with allowed for unique messaging by service division because, well… the voice of Urban Planning isn’t quite the same as Civil Engineering.

Fall in love with your brand again.