At Our Core, We Care

What I’ve come to learn over the last 15 years or so is this: If you stay true to your personal and your business’ core values, you truly DO succeed.

Chad Willett, Chief Instigator
West Edge Collective

It’s common for people to stereotype the role of a marketing or advertising agency.

Sometimes, that role is to drive short-term goals, such as financial results or website traffic; other times, it’s to create a whole new website or campaign. While we love all of those, our favorite projects are the ones that help our friends, our communities, and our families survive and thrive.

That’s why our core values include Help When We Can Help and Create Community.

We think our values are a big part of what makes us different from other folks, and we’re damn proud of it. So, this month, we resisted the temptation to pumpkin-spice the hell out of our October newsletter and instead, use it as an opportunity to shed some light on some of the people and projects that best represent those core values.

Help When We Can Help

For almost a year and a half now, West Edge has collaborated with the Wyoming Department of Health to inform, educate and motivate our home state. Though the campaigns have changed, our overall goal has stayed the same: Raise awareness of Wyoming’s current efforts to combat COVID-19.

As virus trend information has evolved, we’ve refreshed campaign messaging and images to pivot and meet each new challenge.

From outdoor, to digital, to audio, to print, this collaboration leaves no stone unturned in terms of media. Our placements have spanned every county in Wyoming, and every attempt has been made to support our home state’s radio stations, TV stations, newspapers and websites with federal COVID-19 Response Funds.

Launched just a few weeks ago, our latest campaign is based on real stories sourced from real Wyoming doctors, nurses and survivors.

If our work can help our friends at the Wyoming Department of Health best inform and educate our friends, family and neighbors on how they can stay safe… we’re proud to have played a part.

Create Community

From the very beginning, we’ve had strong roots in (and a lot of love for) Cheyenne’s West Edge.

At the recent West Edge rezoning open house, we were excited to join the conversation about all that’s possible in this neighborhood we call home. We’re invested in this area; we believe in its bright future; and we’re here to support our fellow neighbors and business owners who feel the same.

October Celebrations

Happy West Edge Anniversary to Desiree, Nicole, Rocky, Ben and Barbara,
and happy birthday to Hilary and our newest addition to the Web Development team, Byron!

October 22

Alright alright alright

October 30
Watch for shirts at events in the near future around Cheyenne.
Scan these coasters at your favorite bars in Laramie County.

Help When We Can

In 2020, Wyoming was ranked the worst state in the nation for drunk driving.

For our latest collaboration with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center’s Institute of Population Health, we created a campaign to share resources for our Laramie County friends and neighbors to get home safely instead of driving impaired.

By design, the creative isn’t judgmental, tacky or scary. Instead, we aimed for easy, convenient messaging that meets the viewer eye-to-eye in the social settings where they celebrate.

Around Laramie County, you can see new billboards, posters and display ads reminding people of the different ways they can get home safely if they’re in an impaired state when it wouldn’t be safe to drive.

In the short time since its launch, the campaign has already sent more than 1,150 people to our campaign landing page——which tells us that people are looking for those safe rides home.
(And hey, maybe we’re one step closer to dropping that “worst state in the nation” ranking in 2021.)

A Special Note of Gratitude and Congratulations

Since 2006, the Jonah Bank family has supported my vision and gave me the ability to control my financial future. Mark Zaback and Gregg Jones recently announced their retirement, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for their years of partnership.

Short story: We had a vinyl graphics installation project years ago to post their “Code of the West”—their company values—on a wall inside the bank. I was a young businessman at that point, and I didn’t completely understand the reason a company would do that instead of a “cooler” branding opportunity. Over time, however, I’ve seen firsthand how those company values mean everything. You can see the level of commitment West Edge has to our core values in our team, our client roster and in this very newsletter. That’s due in no small part to our Jonah Bank partnership.

So again: Hats off to our friends at Jonah Bank on their 15th anniversary, and congratulations to Mark and Gregg. Thank you for supporting my crazy ideas, gentlemen.

– Chad

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