Spinning into September

Can you believe we’re 3/4 of the way through 2021? You could say this has been another year of routine adjustments. In a time when we’re getting pretty comfortable being uncomfortable, planning couldn’t be more important. This is a month when many of our friends and business partners are taking the opportunity to plan for their third quarter or their 2022. Some are expanding to new cities, some are launching new marketing promotions and others are getting back to trade shows and planning new products and services. Regardless of your industry, it’s important to inform your customers so they know what’s ahead, and to be nimble enough to change when the unforeseen spins things out of the norm.

Collective Off The Clock

Meet Nate Ludens, our Director of Media and Marketing. When he’s not crunching numbers on media plans or running a West Edge social media workshop, he coaches both of his boys’ baseball teams. On the rare occasion there’s free time outside of that, you’ll find him in (or under) his classic Beetle, or outside in front of a grill.

Living in Vegas, Nate’s been to a ton of live shows, either as a concert photographer or a “music super nerd.” (Proof of nerd: He and his wife share a collection of more than 1,000 LPs.) Currently, Nate’s spinning Run The Jewels and Black Sabbath records. Let him know what you’re listening to @natevegas on Instagram.



September is National Blueberry Popsicle Month, National Potato Month and also a time to celebrate four of our fellow West Edgers.

We’re celebrating two birthdays this month: Des (above, left) on 9/15 and Mike (above, right) on 9/18.

Congratulations to Allen (left) for 2 years at the Collective on September 3rd, and to Jon (right) on his first anniversary with us on the 15th.

See the campaign in action at wyomingfafsa.org

Making financial aid fun.

Many of us at West Edge Collective relied on student financial aid to pursue our degrees, so when the Wyoming Department of Education asked us to create something impactful and actionable that would encourage filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)…we said GAME ON!

Ever tried to appeal to high school students, college students, and their parents all at the same time? Not easy. Solution: Old-school and new-school collide! With retro video game vibes, Augmented Reality print collateral and media buys with TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube, the campaign is off to a flying start.

Email Strategy Tips

It’s the digital marketing tactic that’s akin to a zombie: Email Marketing just never dies. That’s because it’s so successful when trying to reach a loyal customer base. Here are 3 tips for getting the most out of your next campaign:

  1. Identify one goal. Don’t just email for the sake of emailing. Is your goal a transaction? A confirmation? Education? Promotion? Pick one, and stick to it.
  2. Be sure to reserve space for a single bit of value that your customer can’t get elsewhere. A coupon. A code. A sneak peek. These will keep your customers opening your emails
  3. Don’t try to tell the whole story in someone’s inbox. Use a good mix of links for people to find the details. It keeps your email short and digestible, and it’s helpful in driving website traffic. 

Around the office…

A straight-from-the-phone view of the stuff not everyone gets to see.

From creative workstation approaches, to napping summer interns, you never know what you’ll see when you stop by the Collective.

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