Hi! It’s November—and we can’t believe it, either.

Join us as we marvel at the fact we can already see the end of the year from here, as well as time-travel back through what made our October fantastic.


Our new Creative Director rocks so hard, it’s actually part of his name.

Every time we’ve collaborated with Rocky Montez-Carr, he’s blown us away with his world-class talent, passion for the creative craft, and willingness to share his (insane) range of knowledge with our team—so it only made sense to get him in here full-time as our Creative Director.

(Spoiler alert: He said “yes.”)

You guys already know how much we love the thrill of figuring out new ways to do what we love and create rad work with our clients—and now, with Rocky’s energy, excitement, and experience along for the ride?

Hang on, y’all.

It’s about to get LOUD.


… have we mentioned how talented our high-school interns are? 

It’s 10 weeks into the fall internship program, and our East High interns are having a blast sitting in on creative project meetings, learning about all the unique facets of agency life, and absolutely killing it on their rebranding and asset projects! Two interns are in the midst of designing a poster, annual appeal letter, and rack card for Family Promise of Cheyenne (who graciously partnered with us as a client for the fall session); our third is hard at work on creating a complete brand and web design for a mock online business… which has serious, solid potential to become a real business.


Living la vida local.

Our ongoing video partnership with Visit Cheyenne always reminds us how lucky we are to live in the place we do. No matter where we’re headed for a shoot, we can count on being met by friendly locals, beautiful spaces, and a feeling of gratitude for this unique, incredible community. 

Core Values


Since we moved in, we’ve been gradually tagging this metal pole in our “living room” with ALL kinds of stickers—client logos, random brands we love, cool places we’ve been—and the thrill of adding new ones to the mix has yet to wear off.

Thanks for catching up with us!
We’re so happy you’re part of the Collective.

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