Hi! It’s January, which means 2020 is officially over—
and let’s just pause for a celebratory high five about that.

Here’s how we saw out the month that we’re 90% sure The Counting Crows wrote their song “Long December” about.


That time we partied in everyone’s living room.

This year’s Collective Christmas festivities took place 2020-style: Fully virtual, via Google Meet. 

Despite the unique venue, our party planning committee showed up in FULL force—going the extra mile to coordinate a Collective-wide gift exchange, pack up delicious DIY-dinner-and-drinks kits, and load everyone up with a “party box” to bring home and open during the virtual festivities. Logged in from our respective couches and kitchen tables, we kicked off the holiday season with all the merriment we could squish into our laptop screens. 
Speaking of merriment (and squishes), we’re so excited to share that Client Success Manager Niki and her husband welcomed Emmett James on December 30th! Our favorite new mom is cozying in for a long, chill maternity leave, and we can’t wait to have her back in action in March.


What we did in lieu of client gifts this Christmas.

After learning that Lynn Buys Houses’ annual gift drive was coming up short on donations for 16- to 18-year-olds, we decided that—in lieu of doing client gifts this year—we would make some magic happen to ensure the older kids didn’t get left out. 

(We knew you guys would understand. Thanks for being the best!) 

With wish list items ranging from art kits and books, to new bedding and winter jackets, our team jumped right in to ensure all 20 teens on the list got exactly what they wanted. We’re so grateful for local organizations who work hard to make a difference, and we were thrilled for the opportunity to show up for these organizations the same way they show up for our community each year.


Getting creative with Christensen Arms.

Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”—and we got to do both in our latest project with Christensen Arms, launched just before the holidays. Based in the magical world of augmented reality (AR), we created a festive, mobile-based game you can play anywhere. 

To check it out, grab your phone and load up the link below—it does its best work in Safari!  

Core Values


Here’s to 2021: A year of dreaming big, exploring new places, and having one heck of a good time along the way. (To quote our “Long December” reference from earlier… “there’s reason to believe / maybe this year will be better than the last.”

Thanks for catching up with us!
We’re so happy you’re part of the Collective.

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