Welcome to February: The month we can’t spell correctly unless we say it as “Feb-ru-ary” in our heads.

Here’s what kept us busy in January, a month that was much easier to spell.


We’re going to have so much fun in 2021.

Like we mentioned in our last newsletter, we’re dreaming big for 2021—and in January, we made the plans to get us there.

During our two-day internal kickoff, we dreamed; we schemed; we only had to say “you’re on mute” 15 times or so. 

(P.S.—Keen observers will notice we’ve added two new faces in the mix, and we can’t wait to introduce you to them soon!) 

In addition to celebrating our new additions, we’re also celebrating two Collective-iversaries! 

Irving, our brilliant Video Content Creator, hits the two-year mark with us on February 6th, and Project Manager extraordinaire Abby celebrates her first year at the Collective on the 24th.


Say “hey” to the WEC spring 2021 interns!

This quarter, we’re joined by East High School students Sean and Callie. 

While they’re with us, they’ll each be creating collateral for a mock client: General branding and a logo to start, followed by additional projects to match their own unique interests. For Callie, that’s website design; for Sean, that’s ad design and marketing/placement. 

Since we don’t have any mock client creations to show you quite yet, here’s an example of some designs Callie and Sean have created in the past:


Sure, we’ll go hiking to create your brand video.

When Stag Arms made the move from Connecticut to establish their new headquarters in Cheyenne, it was more than a change in location; it was an opportunity for their team to stretch out in Wyoming’s open spaces and establish a new direction for their brand.

Over the past year, we’ve had a great time getting to know the Stag team—including logging some pretty intense trail miles in pursuit of the best shots for their brand video, literally and figuratively. It’s always an honor to help a brand tell their story!



Ben, our talented Videographer / Video Editor, was in extra-early one morning for a shoot and caught this stunner of a Wyoming sunrise. (Is it just us, or has the sky been EXTRA incredible these past few months?)

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