It’s April, and we’re finally done shoveling snow!

Here’s to you, everyone who spent two solid days (or more) shoveling out from under the big storm. We see you. We feel your collective (back) pain. And we’re absolutely raising a few “Snowgaritas” in your honor. 

Outside of battling 3’ of snow—and whipping up a few Snowgaritas, because balance is everything—here’s what kept our crew busy in March. 


#CollectiveOffTheClock: Fatos

Meet Fatos: Client Success Manager here at the Collective, adventurous soul at heart. 

Since moving to Cheyenne with her husband almost 5 years ago, Fatos said she’s gotten to discover a whole new side of her adventurous personality. 

“I thought I was a beach girl; now, I’m the outdoorsy girl who tries to find getaways to the beach when I get a chance!” she says.

From hiking to scuba diving, snowboarding to snorkeling, Fatos seizes every opportunity she can to explore—and to snap gorgeous pictures of the sights she finds when she gets there.  (These photos in particular are from her most recent adventure to Jackson Hole!)

Also, here are three great reasons to celebrate this month:

  1. Graphic Designer Sara celebrates her second anniversary at the Collective on April 26th!
  2. It’s Video Content Creator Irving’s birthday on April 13th!
  3. Projects Director Susie celebrates her birthday on April 30th! 


“Show and Tell” with the WEC interns

Up until now, we’ve only been telling you all about the great things Callie and Sean, our brilliant East High School interns, have been up to; check out Callie’s cereal box for her mock client “Monster Munch”!  Sean is currently working on a suite of branded items for his mock client “Leap Solutions.”

Next up, they’ll be designing website layouts for each of their brands. Watch this space to see how their designs turn out!


Eastern Wyoming College

Before the massive snowstorm buried us last month, our video crew road-tripped to Eastern Wyoming College with this crazy cool camera in tow. It’s called an Insta360 Pro 2, and get this: You can trigger it to take shots from up to ¼ mile away. 

(This feature came in super handy for our project, allowing the crew to “hide” out of frame as the camera took 360-degree shots around campus.)



When life gives you 3 feet of snow… make Snowgaritas.

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(These photos in particular are from her most recent adventure to Jackson Hole!)

Whether hiking in the mountains near her home in Turkey, or enjoying the unique myriad of travel options back when she lived in the UK, Fatos has always been an explorer.