Let’s make recruiting the easiest part of your job.

As a busy franchisee, we know you’re under constant pressure to recruit team members who are committed to creating an excellent experience for your guests. But how do you build a solid team if you’re having trouble just getting new team members in the door?

We’ve got a plan to change that for you.


(Even better? Our plan is completely approved by the Taco John’s corporate team—meaning every element of what we’re about to show you is ready to roll just as soon as you are.)

Here’s the plan:

Using a combination of hyper-local digital targeting and well-designed, corporate-approved display ads, we’ll make it easier for well-qualified applicants to find and apply for jobs at your store.

Starting this spring, we can work with you to execute a series of targeted, recruitment-focused digital ads that are:

  • Quick to market (within days)
  • Fully approved by corporate
  • Payable by credit card – quick, easy, and secure

What do we mean when we say “hyper local?”

It means we can target potential new employees within a radius as close to 2 miles around your store. (See an example of what that might look like to the right!)

… and here’s the ads those potential employees could see:

All that’s to say…
we designed this program to make recruitment easier for you, and we know it’s going to make a huge difference in your ability to fill positions in your store.

(“We,” by the way, are West Edge Collective—a dynamic marketing agency born and raised in wild, wonderful Wyoming. We’re no strangers to the art and excitement of successful marketing… and in fact, if your store is using “The Ole Way” for employee training, you’ve already seen our work in action!)

“Our Training and Development department at Taco John’s International has greatly benefitted from our relationship with West Edge Collective! We have received many compliments from others in the industry on the branding work they did for our Learning Management System. In addition to the wonderful creative work done by West Edge, they are fun and easy to work with on any project and have met our crazy timelines by putting in 110% when needed.”

Stacie Homan – Director of Training, Taco John’s International

Ready to see how easy recruitment can be?

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