West Edge Collective Community Engagement Manager and fellow entrepreneurs speak on LCCC panel

National Entrepreneurship Week celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship: The very passion that inspires business owners to follow their dreams, solve a problem, and/or make the most out of the lifestyle they want to live.

Earlier this week, our own Community Engagement Manager Desiree Brothe took part in a panel at Laramie County Community College (LCCC) to speak about her experience as a small business owner.

A great takeaway from the panel: People often talk about supporting small businesses, but it’s important to remember that support doesn’t always have to be a purchase. Support comes from a “like,” a share, a follow, a quick congratulations, etc.

Remember: With every post, email, or other interaction, an entrepreneur is putting themselves out there, and your acknowledgment is assurance that one more person is paying attention to what they have to say.

Thanks to Minden Fox and the LCCC Entrepreneurship Program for inviting me to take part in Entrepreneurship Week. It was great to see so many familiar friends and colleagues. These are important projects for our city and our community to support and get involved with.

Desiree Brothe
Owner, Magpie Creations | Community Engagement Manager, West Edge Collective

Here’s your chance to show your support for the Cheyenne entrepreneurs who joined Des on the panel!

Stop by their websites to learn more about what they do, find and follow them on social media, and be sure to “like” and share their posts.

To learn more about National Entrepreneurship Week, visit the sites below: