A milestone two years in the making. 

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Friday, Jan. 18th, 3 – 6 p.m. 
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707 W. Lincolnway 

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We put our money where our brand is, and on March 1, we broke ground on our new corporate headquarters in Cheyenne’s West Edge District.

We’re really excited for the room to grow as a Collective—but even more excited for the opportunity to invest in our city, in our clients, our team, and in the way we want to move forward as an organization.

Summer construction update

Since we last checked in, a lot has changed at our future home! For starters, it’s all enclosed now—and the inside is coming to life more and more every day.

From the outside, it’s easy to see what’s new: Exterior walls and windows, asphalt laid for the parking lot, and our happy little cupola poking up into the clouds. (If you’re walking downtown and facing East, see if you can spot it—our very own piece of the West Edge skyline!)

Inside, we’re working hard on our second-floor office space—which includes adding lighting, drywall, and doorways to our infamous containers—as well as putting the finishing touches on the building’s HVAC and electrical. We’ve also just finished up our custom-made main stairway, with treads crafted from 1900s-era box car flooring.

Every time we go in to explore, there’s something new to see… and that pace is only going to speed up in the weeks to come. Home stretch, we’re coming for you!

June construction update

Containers are in! Primary framework (our “bones”) is up! Concrete flooring is complete! Though progress this month was slower than expected (lookin’ at you, availability of custom metal Z-girts and purlins), wait ’til you see this place at the end of July. With plans to complete our exterior envelope (a.k.a., walls), June is your last month to come by and scope the majestic storage containers before they get enclosed. 

Oh, hey, and since you asked: How exactly are those shipping containers going to WORK? So, first things first—once our exterior walls go up, all but one side of the containers will actually wind up INSIDE the building. These sides will all get windows, which will pull in natural light from our massive windows on the main floor. From there, we’re going to refinish and seal the existing wood floors inside each container, install overhead lighting, then put up drywall to create offices and a bathroom. We’re also going to leave parts of the metal container walls exposed—partially because they look cool, partially because then we get bonus magnetic hanging surfaces.


May construction update

With the framework emerging from the foundation, it’s actually starting to look like a building! Those giant white beams you see sticking into the air? They’re 32″ bridge girders, repurposed from bridges around the state, and they make up our primary 50′ x 64′ structure. However, the real news-makers this month are our 40′ shipping containers—one of which you may remember seeing at our groundbreaking ceremony a few months back. Repurposed from their former life on the highway and the rails, these massive containers will soon be transformed into part of our second-floor office space.

April construction update

Awesome news: We completed remediation of possible contamination, along with the primary earthwork and grading! Immediately following site prep, our amazing construction team dug and poured the foundation. Next up: Erecting the steel frame!

We couldn’t do this without our (amazing) partners:


The building, slated for completion by fall 2018, will incorporate repurposed steel bridge beams from various bridges in Wyoming, as well as used 40’ shipping containers and a centerpiece lighting fixture made from a 1964 Chevy Corvair van (aka “The Vandelier”).

Not only does this make for a rather rad visual aesthetic (we’re creatives, after all), but the bridge element ties in nicely to our plans to create a bridge, ourselves, between creative marketing and Wyoming’s tech economy.

Want to see the plans?

Where is it located?

The building’s location at 709 W. Lincolnway (on the southwest corner of West Lincolnway and Bent Avenue) places it directly inside Cheyenne’s West Edge District, Cheyenne’s Reed Avenue Rail Corridor, and within Cheyenne’s Downtown Development Authority boundaries.

This is an open invitation to our neighbors, our state and local government representatives, and members of our community who want to see Cheyenne’s West Edge come to life—to join us in being the change.

We’ve got big plans, and this building is just the beginning.

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