We asked our founder and managing director: If you could go back to the day we opened and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?

He said:

“The future is bright; let go of the past. Look forward, and once you’ve executed, look forward again. Don’t get stagnant.”

Chad Willett

Managing Director, West Edge Collective

Since the day we opened our doors, we’ve gone from a team of three people working on cardboard boxes and at kitchen tables; to a full team collaborating in a real physical space; to a whole building of creatives in the heart of the West Edge.

Our core team of less than 10 has steadily grown to a team of 20+, all working together to create really cool, innovative, tech-driven design for our clients.

At our core, we’re still a lot like our first few months.

That spirit of entrepreneurism we followed in the early days is still burning bright, leading to innovation and exciting new pathways in our local economy.

As we’ve grown, we’ve always made time to check in with our core values: The principles we established to ensure we’re here for the right reasons, and that our work aligns with that, too.

For example, we “Help When We Can Help” by engaging with and mentoring the next generation of creatives in our local community, including students at the Cheyenne Boys and Girls Club, Cheyenne high schools, Laramie County Community College, and the University of Wyoming.

We’re far beyond the start-up phase now, but our spirit of entrepreneurism is still going strong—and our recent announcement of The Railspur is a prime example of that.

(And let’s be honest: If you know us, you know The Railspur isn’t the last entrepreneurial project we’ll embark upon.)

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